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Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting in NH

Recessed Lights in NH

Recessed Lighting ?

Recessed lighting can improve the way a room looks and feels...add dimmer switches and you can alter the room at will.  These fixtures can be used to bring out the best of your NH homes features, add a sense of drama to the space, to chase shadows from corners, or to fill the room with light. At DST Electric,we have the expertise to provide you with the recessed lighting design and installation services you desire.

Some NH homeowners are concerned that installing recessed lighting is a big job with huge expense.  Our certified NH electricians are skilled for residential electrical needs.  In most cases we can have your recessed lighting installed in one day. 

Recessed lights free up floor space that is often taken up by lamps.

Recessed lights are the perfect addition to just about any room...lighting design that makes a Big difference.

a) Are these recessed lights being installed in an existing room or new construction?
b) What is an IC Rating? An IC Rating on a recessed fixture means that it can come in direct contact with insulation... a non IC Rating means that you cannot install this recessed in contact with insulation.
c) Recessed lighting trims come in a wide variety styles... baffle trims,adjustable trims or eyeballs, shower trims, reflector trims, wall wash trims, and many others.
d) Do I need air tight recessed cans to meet today's code?
e) Are LED recessed lights in NH worth the extra money?

DST Electric can help you decide on recessed fixture types, trim types and amount of light required to light up a space.

Call DST Electric today to discover the possibilities that are waiting with recessed lighting !
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