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Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fans in NH

Ceiling Fans

Install, add, repair, replace, or remove a ceiling fan in your NH home.

What size ceiling fan do I need for my NH home ?

A ceiling fan is sized proportional to a rooms size
Multiply the length of the room by the width equals total square footage.
A- 80 Square feet or less the recommended size would be between 24 inches and 42 inches wide.
C - 100 square feet to about 150 would be a 44 inch to 50 inch blade.
D - 150 square feet to 300 square feet would require a 52 inch to 60 inch width.
remember...you can always add two fans to a larger space.

Minimum distance from the ceiling for your NH ceiling fan...
8 inches to 10 inches from the center of the blade measured up to the ceiling.

Minimum distance of ceiling fan blade to any walls...
18 inches is required. That is also to cabinets or wall shelves or bookcases.

Recommended distance from floor...
7 feet to 9 feet is a good height from floor to keep your ceiling fan...depending on ceiling height and blade pitch. 

A Ceiling Fans Minimum distance from nearby hanging light fixtures...
About 40 to 45 inches is a good distance to keep these away from swinging in the breeze.

Aluminum motor construction is better because they do not resonate sound or noise like steel.  They also offer longer life spans due to lower operating temperature.

Using a down rod longer than 6 inches... it is better to get a ceiling fan with a die cast housing as opposed to a stamped steel housing.
Stamped steel hosing are more prone to wobble and make noise.

Other factors would be blade pitch, blade construction, and fan controls.

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