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Electrical Panels

Electrical Panel or Fuse Box Upgrade in NH

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The electrical panel is the main electrical system in your home !

Looking to upgrade your electrical panel in your NH home. Remove and replace that old fuse box with a modern breaker panel.  DST Electric offers 100 Amp, 200 Amp, and 400 Amp Residential Electrical Service upgrades. Most 100 amp panels will allow up to 30 circuits...200 amp panels will allow many more.  A 400 Amp electrical panel upgrade usually has two 200 Amp Electrical Panels.

 DST Electric - Licensed, Insured, Skilled, Trusted !

Not sure what size electric panel upgrade you should go with... give us a call.  We will come by and calculate the size required for your NH home...taking into account the various appliances you have now and what you might have in the future.

Circuit Breaker and Fuse safety in your NH home.

If a circuit breaker trips or a fuse blows, you can bet there is a problem somewhere. Resetting breakers and replacing fuses is not the answer to your problems...in fact, you are likely to have an electrical fire if you do not address the situation.

When visiting some NH homes we have found some deficiencies in electrical panels and fuse boxes.

Connecting an electrical wire with an amperage rating less than the circuit breaker or fuse that is protecting it.
 If a wire is connected to a 20 amp breaker, it needs to be rated for 20 amps also.  The outer sheath of the wire will tell you the wire size.

Signs of corrosion on the electric panel and all of the interior connections.
 Corrosion of any kind on the panel may indicate water penetration via the service entrance cable or a condensation problem in that specific area.  Water inside your electrical panel can be very dangerous.  It begins to arc and create carbon deposits ( black burnt areas ).  Carbon has a very low flash point, which means it takes very little heat to catch fire.  The homeowner is sometimes alerted to this problem by flickering lights and or receptacles that would act funny...sometimes working and sometimes not.  If water has gotten into your panel is is likely you will need to replace the entire panel and breakers.

An electrical panel or fuse box should have no used openings.
 If a knockout or a breaker has been removed, then a knockout seal or breaker blank should be installed to protect from objects or even fingers from entering the NH electric panel.

One electrical conductor attached to each breaker or fuse is allowed.
Double or triple tapping is not allowed.

A NH electrical panel must be securely attached to the wall
or other structural components.

Service entrance cable, and amperage rating should match the rating of the main breaker in the electrical panel.
 If the service entrance cable is rated for 100 amps maximum and the main service panel contains a 200 amp main breaker... it poses a potential fire hazard.

Circuit breakers should be properly secured.
 Some circuit breakers are not compatible with the electrical panel they are installed in.  In these cases, the panel cover may be the only thing holding these breakers in place.  Arcing is common but it may not be readily visable until the breaker is removed.

Cables entering the electrical panel should be properly protected and secured.
 BX or metal cables must have special plastic bushings installed around the conductors.  Romex clamps shall be used to protect non metallic sheathed cable.

Grounding and bonding or your electrical system.
 Equipment grounding conductors are bonded to the system grounded conductors to provide a low impedance path for fault current that will facilitate the operation of the over current protective devices ( breakers or fuses) under fault conditions.  Grounding should be permanent, continuous and it should have the capacity to safely conduct the fault.  Conductors run to your water main or building steel and driven ground rods make up this grounding scheme.

DST Electric has licensed, insured, skilled and trusted electricians for your electrical panel upgrade in NH.
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